Super Wall Crash Sports DLC Available (v 1.1.0)
May 16, 2016


Super Wall Crash Sports Logo

The first major post-launch content release of downloadable content (DLC) is here! The Sports pack adds 4 new playable characters each with their own unique sports-themed biome that is unlocked with the character. Woody comes with the American Football biome, filled will kicking tees and dangerous tacklers that chase if you get too close. Mika J. brings with her the Basketball biome, where dangerous referees and sneakers line the wood court. Becker runs with the Soccer biome, littered with practice cones and referees chasing you down trying to give you a red card. And finally Franklin calmly cruises around the golf carts and hole flags in the Golf biome.

One new achievement, Sporty is now available and the general artificial intelligence logic has been updated, making the Skellington enemies as deadly as ever!

Full update notes:

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